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  • 55% Pitts Challenger 2, Pitts Challenger 2

Due to Covid 19 and the current Balsa wood shortage

( Please click here to view from our supplier) we can no longer manufacture our model aircraft FULL KITS. However, we are now offering Short kits,. Our accessories are still available.

Here at Skip Model Designs, we are proud to be able to offer a unique service to all modellers around the Globe. Skip Model Designs started in 2011 as part of a hobbies dream of producing aircraft and accessories which are popular. Nowadays, Skip model designs offer Taylor made packages to modellers to include Large Scale Model Aircraft Kits Model Aircraft Accessories CNC Routing & Laser Cutting Service RC Graphics Professional Model Aircraft Building Service.

Over the years, Skip model designs have been lucky enough to build strong relationships with Radio Gear Manufactures and Engine Manufactures. Our strong relationships with RC Electronic and Engines lets us design models that are perfectly adapted to suit both their servos and engines to give maximum performance out the models. So why not look around our site, and if you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Although you many not have heard about us till recently, You will have certainly seen us around!,

Skip Model Designs has been building bridges and manufacturing parts for model aircraft for over 6 Years for companies like YT International ( Pantera Jet Parts and Prototype Seat Belts for pilots) Kingfisher Aviation ( Jet Tanks, Raptor Jet, Accessories) Dave Johnson ( Vulcan Graphics) RCM&E Plans ( Graphics packs to suit models in 2011) and of course models you will have seen over the years to include 68% Pitts Challenger 2, 60% Yak 54, 44% Extra 300s

“Fly Low, Fly Slow, Fly SKIP MODEL DESIGNS”

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All Models are designed using only the Best Software