Skip Model Design Began in 2011

Here at Skip Model Designs, we are proud to be able to offer a unique service to all modellers around the Globe. Skip Model Designs started in 2011 as part of a hobbies dream of producing aircraft and accessories which are popular. Nowadays, Skip model designs offer Taylor made packages to modellers to include Large Scale Model Aircraft Kits Model Aircraft Accessories CNC Routing & Laser Cutting Service RC Graphics Professional Model Aircraft Building Service. Over the years, Skip model designs have been lucky enough to build strong relationships with Radio Gear Manufactures and Engine Manufactures. Our strong relationships with both JR MacGregor and ZDZ Engines lets us design models that are perfectly adapted to suit both their servos and engines to give maximum performance out the models.

Skip Model Designs have been working with some of the leading manufacturers to create model aircraft that are affordable, and fly fantastic.

Skip Model Designs have been involved radio controlled modelling Jointly for over 40 years. Although we have been involved with a few different areas of modelling, Our first love was always the aero-modelling scene so like most RC modelers we started on full builds from a plan and a pile of balsa.

In 2015, Skip Model Designs teamed up with kingfisher aviation to sell bespoke parts and unique aircraft. With this team up with Kingfisher aviation, Skip Model designs now offer a full building service ( Not just our kits)

Our Core Service Currently are

  • RC Graphics
  • Laser and CNC Routing Service
  • Model Aircraft Accessories
  • Building Accessories
  • Model Aircraft Building Service
  • Large Scale  Aerobatic Models

Future Aspirations


  • to be a one stop shop for all RC Accessories, Balsa wood, Ply wood, Rc Graphics and adhesives by Mid 2016
  • To have a small selection of model kits available by start of 2016 model flying shows.